Concert Ukulele Strummer Loops are for those of you who don't have, or don't want to deal with, Kontakt or the EXS24. There are 27 different strumming patterns with up and down single strums in all 12 keys and all 12 chord types. (major, major7, 7, 9, 6, minor, minor7, minor6, diminished, augmented, add2, sus4) There are loops with a straight feel and loops with more of a swing feel in each of the strumming patterns. A grand total of 2880 files in Apple Loops or ACIDized WAV formats.

Single Pattern Loops

All 27 strum patterns are offered for individual purchase also. You can buy any single pattern in all the keys for just $5. Select the cart button in the music player to add the pattern to your cart.


The strumming loops are two bars in length for each chord. One chord per loop. It's more of a construction set. I never understood how you could use loops with chord progressions in them. Unless you are doing a I-IV-V song they are pretty useless. With these loops you can construct your uke track around any chord progression. The loops work from 70 to about 150 bpm with out sounding too squirrelly. Your mileage may vary. It's a great way to construct a uke track quickly.


If you'd like to try out the loops to see if they work with your DAW, you can download an assortment of both Apple Loops and Acid Loops below.


  • Loops are recorded at 48k/24bit
  • 27 different strumming patterns
  • Works from 70 to 150 bpm
  • Compatible with any DAW that supports Apple Loops or ACIDized WAV files. There have been problems reported with Digital Performer. See the FAQ

What you’ll need

  • Digital Audio Workstation capable of playing Apple Loops or Acid Loop files
  • A hard drive with at least 4 GB of free space
  • The capability to download 3 x 1.2 GB zip files
  • $75.00 USD

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